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Another killer breakfast

Eggs, black beans and rice, tomatos, onions, jalapenos, avocados, sprouted grain bread. All organic, thank you.

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Weekend w the Knowles

Up in the 60th floor, downtown Houston.

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Sunday In Boerne (yes another)

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Chicken Fajita Jerk!

Stir fried strips, with onions and peppers, and jerk sauce.

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Lake Malawi

This is fresh water! LAKE MALAWI Lake Malawi, known locally as Lake Nyasa, is the ninth largest lake in the world and lies between the countries of Malawi on the west and Tanzania and Mozambique on the east. It is … Continue reading

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Wild Africa

They gather at watering holes during the sunset. Anne, Emily, Kate and my beautiful wife Amy. Cape Mac Lodge, Cape Mac Clear/Monkey Bay, Malawi.

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