Sunday In Boerne (yes another)

July 9th, 2007
by andyux

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  1. Tom Sampoli Says:

    I’ll explain with more detail what I did to get piflasa working. Go to and find the user comment toward the bottom from “info at b1g dot de” posted 24-Oct-2005. Copy the class declaration code for the HTTPRequest class to the top of the piflasafeed.php file. (You can remove what is in that file previously.) Then, below the class declaration put the following:

    $r = new HTTPRequest($_GET[‘FeedUrl’]);
    print $r->DownloadToString();

    Basically, what this does is declare a class that works around your host’s configuration that disallows the use of the ‘file_get_contents’ function in PHP, then creates an instance of that class and calls it’s DownloadToString method and prints the results. Hope that helps.

    Your pics of Lake Malawi are beautiful. Where do you live?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Tom! thanks so much, will get back on that in the next couple days. Right now i am building a house for a client in Boerne TX, and then will join my wife in Africa. I am a designer (web, residences) and after designing this house i was asked to build it so here i am …
    check and if you like malawi pics check my wifes – where i used a similar flash xml plugin to pull images from flickr thats works like a charm. I figured i might as well keep learning to deal with google products, since they will take over the world…

    Your in TX as well?
    thanks again

    Thank you,
    Andy Schulz

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