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August 22nd, 2015
by andyux

I have been getting a lot of requests for online commerce. If you are familiar with eBay and need something similar – small scale and simple, use wix.com or shopify.com. I personally use ecwid.com – it allows me to manage everything in one site (like the wix or shopify) but creates code to insert the shopping cart pretty much anywhere, like you website and facebook page, and it all remains synced – but it does not provide in itself a storefront. For a more robust system, Volusion has been fantastic. The list of features is extensive, but it separates the kids above from the grown ups, you can customize pretty much anything. Volusion has a list of features page but it really barely scratched the surface; the Volusion blog may have more detailed yet less organized sets of features.


This is the Volusion quick start guide:

1- Buy a volusion plan – at least one with import/export ($65/month)

2- Buy a domain ($25/yr)

3- Buy a SSL certificate (secure shopping) required by credit card processing companies (Volusion SSL = $90 is pricey but easy)

4- Get an account with a merchant account – I use authorize – what they recommend. ($50 then $25/month)

5- Arrange the products in excel to import. Name, list price, affiliate prices, description, sku, photo, weight/size (for shipping), etc

6- Setup shipping account with fedex/ups/others, link to Volusion.

7- Design logo and other branding materials

8- Adopt a template and customize, then design custom homepage, signup page, email, newsletter, etc.

9- Once live and running: online marketing, affiliate marketing.

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid SEM/Ads

BAM! not really, in average takes about a month. Note you will need someone to become familiar (computer savvy) with Volusion and your website. I am available for design, implemetation, and consultation, but day to day business issues are not worth (to you) for me to cover and an hourly programming rate.


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