Benefiting the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. So we got us a beautiful piece oil painting of a Baobab and ladies around it. Panji gas some excellent work, will like to shoot more of it and maybe grab a couple more pieces.

But we only checked out the monkeys. This is right smack in the center of the city, so i’m sure we’ll be back. Its more of a rescue zoo…


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Listening to a great show on debt and the credit crunch on

Yahoo Censorship Still Sucks, Part Four

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Amy went with Mark on a shoot and got this amazing image. More on

New room! remodel Alyssa work with Mema sweat! and a Digital Camera, finally!

I picked up Wolfie from school today, they had “Swiss Day” food and culture. After wolfie and i went to Central Market where we got cheez and chocolate for fondues, we got home and surprised him with his NEW AND IMPROVED room. And then we opened presents and ate some Claypot i picked up earlier.

Memaw and Papaw gave him a digital camera, definetely the coolest present. He was very impresed by his renovated bedroon though, it does look very cool.

Alyssa also got him some very special rocks and fossils! and Amy and I got him an electronic set where he can build radios and other cool circuitry. Oh and The Simpsons videogame!

South Bird Island and Port Aransas

Quesillo De Coco

Quesillo De Coco

My mom taught me how to make this back in Venezuela. I added the coconut, which i think its either Colombian or Cuban recipe… btw if you are in Austin you can try this at “My Colombia“, awesome food,including some Venezuelan dishes como arepas y pabellon. And if you are in Houston, go to “Miguelitos,” Venezuelan Food.

so, Flan:

1 can sweet condensed milk
1 can coconut milk (or evap milk if you want the traditional version)
10 Eggs
2 cups of white sugar – if you have a better substitute for caramel let me know!