Instructions for Etisalat D-Link Mobile Router (DWM-157) installation in Windows 10.

The adapter and the service where provided with no instructions, so I had to google a bit. Maybe it works “automatically” for you. Otherwise, try these steps to get the Etisalat mobile service working. The list below looks quite long, but don’t despair, its not that complicated. I just like using lots of numbers for steps.

etisalat dlink mobile
  1. Insert SIM card. Snap out the big section and leave the smaller SIM card attached to this bigger adapter section.
  2. Insert device in USB port
  3. Installation doesn’t start automatically? good, it shouldn’t (better security). Now go look for the installer. The device should show up as a USB drive, so look in “This PC”
  4. Start and follow the installer directions, nothing to it. Done, close.
  5. Click on the D-Link Connection Manager on your desktop (Or Programs)
  6. It took one day for Etisalat to make the service available for me. Before I got service, this is what my panel looked like:
etisalat dlink connection manager

After the service was activated, looking better:

etisalat dlink connection manager
  1. But no pages were loading. So there is this APN thing.
  2. On the D-Link manager, click the gears icon (Options)
  3. Go to Profile Management
  4. New
  5. Profile name: Internet
  6. APN:
  7. Access Number: *99#
  8. User name and Password – leave blank
  9. Authentication: PAP
  10. Save
  11. Make it Default. You may try the Connect button and see if it works. Once connected, your panel will look like this:
etisalat dlink connection manager

So 3 weeks later the lizard was ready to be released. Remke, a volunteer at the LWC, personally cared for Ng’azi, hand fed and all. A successful catch and release!
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This was hours after the storm, i know both access roads to the cabin where closed during the storm, many creeks over the road.


my green team!