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Glendale Hair
Environmental DepotEnvironmental Depot (PDF)
Tulane UniversityTulane University John Folse John Folse
The Los Angeles Film SchoolThe Los Angeles Film School
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The Radiators - Tipitina's live CD book
The Radiators - Tipitina's live DVD designCD DVD Book
The Radiators – Live at Tip’s w George Porter, Gregg Allman and more.
Sans Souci Couples Resort and Goodhope Plantation, Jamaica
Grantham UniversityGrantham University (PDF) poster
lilongwe wildlife center poster
lilongwe wildlife center poster
lilongwe wildlife center poster
lilongwe wildlife center poster
lilongwe wildlife center poster
Lilongwe Wildlife Sanctuary (Malawi)
Audubon Zoo - Aquarium Of The AmericasAudubon Zoo Aquarium Of The Americas
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Tore Wallin Michalopoulos Rodrigue Michael Hunt
Tore Wallin Michalopoulos Rodrigue Michael Hunt
Shoot original work, color correct, and proof prints for many well known artists.
In This Issue: James Booker,Jerry Brock,Robyn Loda,Reggie Scanlan,Karl Bremer,David Kunian,Tom McDermot,Joshua Paxton,The Maple Leaf,Spike Perkins,Krewe of OAK,Everette Maddox,Andrew Hall’s Society Jazz Band,Jay Mazza,Bob Compton,Warren America,Jon Cleary,Rebirth Live at the Leaf,Keith Frazier
In This Issue: The Million Dollar Baby Dolls,By Jerry Brock;Krewe Du Vieux-Music and Mayhem,By Spike Perkins;Jefferson City Buzzards-The Oldest Marching Club in New Orleans,By Robyn Loda;Mardi Gras Essentials,By Jerry Brock;Box of Wine,By David Kun
In This Issue: Michael P. Smith,Mahalia Jackson,Jerry Brock;Jo ‘Cool’ Davis;Robyn Loda;Classical Music In New Orleans Churches,Spike Perkins;Mama Rebirth: Gospel Is Where it  All Began,Joan M. Wade;Marva Wright’s Amazing Journey,Robert V. Rudner;New Orleans Gospel Today,Jerry Brock;Who Is Daddy Cotton?,Joan M. Wade;Essential New Orleans Gospel Recordings,Jerry Brock;Karl Bremer;Michael P. Smith - A Musician’s Perspective,Spike Perkins;Michael P. & Me,Jerry Brock;Michael P. Smith: 40 years documenting New Orleans;Steeped in Lasting Rapture- the Music of South Africa,Jay Mazza;Warren America
Beat Street (DPF)
Beat Street (DPF)
Beat Street (DPF)
1/2004 – James Booker
2/2004 – Alternative Krewes
3/2004 – Michael P. Smith
Cover art by Mike Williamson, New Orleans.


Thomas Mann, New Orleans