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Quesillo de Coco

My mom taught me how to make this back in Venezuela. I added the coconut, which i think its either Colombian or Cuban recipe… btw if you are in Austin you can try this at “My Colombia“, awesome food,including some Venezuelan dishes como arepas y pabellon. And if you are in Houston, go to “Miguelitos,” […]


Sweet Agave Chicken Strips

Sweet spicy juicy delicious! Brown organic chicken breast whole on high heat until edges get golden crispy with a little salt and garlic in Sunflower or similar good natural oil. DONT USE CANOLA OIL! Slice chicken into strips. Add a little more garlic. Stir fry until meat is white, turn heat off. Should only take […]

Another killer breakfast

Eggs, black beans and rice, tomatos, onions, jalapenos, avocados, sprouted grain bread. All organic, thank you.

Lake Malawi

This is fresh water! LAKE MALAWI Lake Malawi, known locally as Lake Nyasa, is the ninth largest lake in the world and lies between the countries of Malawi on the west and Tanzania and Mozambique on the east. It is 360 miles long and 25 miles wide, with an approximate area of 8,683 sq mi, […]