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Turn Off Windows Security Center

Windows XP has a built in security center that monitors the activities or existence of Automatic Updates, Windows Firewall and virus protection provided by third party anti virus software. When one or more security component do not been installed, or been disabled or turned off, or not working, Windows Security Center will highlight the section […]

cheesy chip nachos

Put chips in a tray. Grind or cut some thin cheese wedges and put over the chips. Put in toaster oven or oven for a few minutes at 300F. Tasty.

xp-installing update 1 of 1

Google will have a bazillion different listing s for this, all complicated processes. Myabe i just got lucky with this one, but try it first! My problem was an install from windows update the often gets corrupted, xml4. Whenever I shut down my computer, Windows said it is installingupdate 1 of 1. It toggled between […]