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Brunswick, Maine

Our landing and departure base, as well as greatest host, coordinator and all around fabulous, Steve and Arlene, thank you! Steve and Arlene

Tracking Delta Live Flight Status on map

Live flight status on Delta. But if you can avoid flying through S.Africa, do it. They fumigate the planes while you are in them. They walk up AND down the isle with 2 insecticide bombs. Freaking amazing.  Off course they do this before take off, and it is a 17 hr flight, so we can […]


The best views in Malawi! it was like being on an airplane, looking down. Beautiful waterfalls and The Mushroom Lodge has made this one one my top Malawi destinations. Mind you the breakfast at the Lodge took 3 hours so it kind of threw of us for the day; next time we will come more […]