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Mzuzu, Rumphi, Nkhotakota, Nkhata Bay

Amy and I took a trip to North Malawi for the week, driving down the lakeshore. For her it was work; if you want to read more about how the Chinese are pillaging the world, and kicked Taiwan out of Malawi, and how it affects us, read amy’s blog www.amygottlieb.net/?p=97. Ok i cant contain, just […]


Lizard Release

So 3 weeks later the lizard was ready to be released. Remke, a volunteer at the LWC, personally cared for Ng’azi, hand fed and all. A successful catch and release! If you want to learn more, please visit www.lilongwewildlife.org. There you can also adopt an animal that needs help!

Oscar D’Leon en Austin

Oscar D’Leon and Servando & Florentino Concert Sat, May 17 Doors at 8:00PM Monarch Event Center Austin, TX All Ages $45.00 [Details]

Monitor Lizard

Lizard rescue at our house. The monitor lizard hadnt moved much in a day. The great people from the Centre came within hours. They will nurture this baby back to health and then release it back to nature. More at

Website/Blog Gift Certificate – $2400!

Yes this is a website/blog gift certificate. Buy it, print it and wrap it or email it to someone who will love you forever with their spanking brand new content management enabled website and blog. Now this is a present everyone WILL use! Get it.

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Austin Trail Of Lights, again.

i am amazed to see the same prop again. Are we not one of the most coolest and technologically advanced cities in America? Why do we have 20 year old cardboard cutout props with same old lights. Could we not have some competitions for companies and individuals to submit new designs – visual as well […]

Mua Mission

KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art are in the Dedza district of Malawi. kungoni.org We spent 3 days at the centre. They provide a wealth of information on Malawi history and culture. A nineteenth-century Roman Catholic mission station that has spawned a museum of cultural history unsurpassed in the region and an organization for marketing […]