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Silent Auction

Benefiting the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. So we got us a beautiful piece oil painting of a Baobab and ladies around it. Panji gas some excellent work, will like to shoot more of it and maybe grab a couple more pieces.

Amazing Holes

These holes are both amazing, and really terrifying. Their sheer scale will remind you of just how tiny we really are! 1. Kimberley Big Hole — South Africa Stated to be the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1,097 meter (approx. 3,600 ft) deep mine yielded over 3 tons of diamonds before being […]

Lake Malawi – Senga Bay

This is my firs trip tp the lake! it is impressive! It was fairly windy (15 mph) so there were little waves and it wasnt too clear, good for sailing but ahh no sailboard. Next weekend we are staying 4 days! Look for Cape Clear post…