MAMP apache server not running

There is a bug on MAMP 4.1.1. (At least on windows that I encountered). Use a previous (or next version if out already).

etisalat dlink mobile

Instructions for Etisalat D-Link Mobile Router (DWM-157) installation in Windows 10.

The adapter and the service where provided with no instructions, so I had to google a bit. Maybe it works “automatically” for you. Otherwise, try these steps to get the Etisalat mobile service working. The list below looks quite long, but don’t despair, its not that complicated. I just like using lots of numbers for steps.

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Another common, easy to fix error, if you find out how to fix it in a post such as this one. Otherwise, it would have been quite impossible to figure this out. So if you happened to just removed or deactivated Wordfence, you are likely to run into this:

Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0 
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Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/home/.../public_html/wordfence-waf.php' ... in Unknown on line 0

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April 19th, 2011

T-Mobile  announced its new Bobsled brand, a Facebook application that will let you make free, “one-touch” calls to any of your friends around the world. Facebook is apparently just the beginning for the brand, though. T-Mobile says Bobsled is aimed at “bridging traditional telecommunications and Internet-based voice and data services,” and it says it plans to expand the service in the near future to include video chat, the ability to place VoIP calls to mobile and landline phones, and even offer applications on both smartphones and tablets “regardless of the carrier that powers such devices.” No word on how soon any of that might hit, but you can try out the Facebook application for yourself right now at the link below.

Apr 25th, 2011

T-Mobile has just announced it’s temporarily shuttering the recently launched VoIP service. A statement released on Bobsled’s Facebook profile revealed it is “voluntarily and temporarily suspending service” of its week-old app to “ensure that the Bobsled experience is clearly differentiated and is not mistaken for a Facebook created property.”  No word yet on when the service will be back up and running, but this doesn’t bode well for T-Mo’s foray into the VoIP market.

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Elixir is a system information App for android with highly configurable widgets support. This app will display Battery and CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Display, Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sync, Sensors etc.

multiple widget sizes
small widget icons, up to 7*7 icons per screen
widget icon types: status (battery, brightness, …), switch (wifi, bluetooth, ..), application launcher
statusbar icons: battery, cpu
every widget can be modified (please read Tips & Tricks)
Menu / Tips & Tricks
brightness widget
you can change brightness in the application
you can start your favorite clock and calendar applications by clicking on the time and date widget icons
generating html report

Android Central spotted a tweet from Direct TV, confirming the news that some Android handsets are going to see HBO Go Streaming service activated on May 2nd.  There is no word as of yet as to which handsets will see the service, but you can probably guess that it will be the newer, higher end Android handsets (HBO Go requires 3G).

Waiting on Netflix, but you can do YouTube, Hulu and Hulu Plus

Easy: everyone has cell phones, all over the world – even if they dont have a PC, internet, or even electric service in their homes.


$400 – Pick-up

The Epson Stylus Pro 9000 InkJet Printer is a reliable, efficient and Economical printer combining high quality and wide formats.

  • Resolutions up to 1440 x 720 dpi – photo quality posters.
  • 150 sheet input capacity, or rolls.
  • Accept various medium – paper, vinyl, fabric, canvas, mylar. Rolls or sheet-fed.
  • Extra set of inks, plus roll of paper and mylar.

I paid $2k for this a couple years ago ($8,000 new), used it once, and left the country for a job. It worked perfectly; now the inks are dry so needs the lines drained and cleaned with a special fluid for that. I talked to Epson tech support and they are friendly and knowledgeable, and they assured that was a pretty common task for a printer that’s not used frequently.

I was in prepress, very familiar with printing> Not trying to sell you a lemon! More of a web designer now, do very little printing.


  • Location: Austin-towards Dripping Springs

And this is just in 2009!

For more info on Volusion ecommerce, go to my site.

2009 releases

Best Ecommerce Solution Finalist

Volusion is nominated as a 2009 CODiE award finalist for Best Ecommerce Solution.

Volusion is featured in’s article Another great startup with an Austin presence, which highlights Volusion’s start, product and service offering, and the one-one-one program in which Volusion gives back to the community.

Biggest Online Sales Day Near

Volusion’s CEO and founder, Kevin Sproles, is chosen as a finalist in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s
40 Under 40 Leadership Award.

Volusion is featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s, Evolution + Fusion.

Volusion is featured in Practical eCommerce, Quick Query: Volusion CEO on Factors that Create Ecommerce Success.

Volusion’s Sales Department is chosen as a 2009 finalist for The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service as Sales Department of the Year – Computer Software.

Volusion’s SEO specialist offers advice in the article Techniques That Stand the Test of Time published in the January 2009 edition of Online Strategies.

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