Basic Hummus – i dont measure, so these specs here are guesstimates.
-25oz can Westbake Organic Garbanzo Beans
-3 TbSp Santa Cruz Organic lemon juice
-1-2 organic garlic cloves
-1/2 cup Whole Foods Roasted Tahini
-1/3 cup 365 Organic Olive Oil
-1 TbSp Sea Salt

Mix in a blender or food processor. I use a blender, and add the garbanzo bean juice out of the can until i get a creamy consistency. It tens to thicken a bit, specially after its cooled; It is best served cooled, at least a couple hours, better overnight.

Ok now the fun part: mixin’ it up. I like to make everything different every time, here are a couple of my favorites:

Add celery and onions in the blender, then eat with celery.

A great variation i found works well is adding your local honey and stevia and extra salt.
– 2 TbSp Local Honey (Local Honey is a natural antihistamine)
– 2 TbSp Sea Salt (in addition to the 1 in the basic recipe, so 3 TbSp total)
– 8 drops Stevita liquid stevia extract