Squeezing worms out of dogs!
These things get into humans as well… read David Sedaris recollection

Lizard rescue at our house. The monitor lizard hadnt moved much in a day. The great people from the Centre came within hours. They will nurture this baby back to health and then release it back to nature.

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Benefiting the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. So we got us a beautiful piece oil painting of a Baobab and ladies around it. Panji gas some excellent work, will like to shoot more of it and maybe grab a couple more pieces.

But we only checked out the monkeys. This is right smack in the center of the city, so i’m sure we’ll be back. Its more of a rescue zoo…

Needs a little work, but its fairly comfortable. Im enjoying open windows and breezes, and sitting outside with the laptop. Its now the end of the dry season. As the rains come, the scenery will be even nicer – greeener – but its mosquito season… hmm i wonder if there are bats around? certainly not enought to stop worrying about malaria…

The Hotel in Johannesburg (south Africa) was a nice overnight after a 18 hr flight from Atlanta… Then there are some shots on the flight from Joberg to Lilongwe.