Amy and I took a trip to North Malawi for the week, driving down the lakeshore. For her it was work; if you want to read more about how the Chinese are pillaging the world, and kicked Taiwan out of Malawi, and how it affects us, read amy’s blog

Ok i cant contain, just a little rant:
Ooops, we did it again. Malawi kicked out Taiwan in favor of China. China offered Malawi $6B. Already a few hundred million have disappeared, along with some Malawi minister, finance i think… i’m sure the president is getting a nice kick back… so China’s condition was that Taiwan had to leave – they hold a grudge. Taiwan has been helping Malawi for 42 years; medicine, agriculture, equipment, education. the chinese will build a new parliament, and theres talks of connecting the lake to the shore – which will certainly destroy this beautiful pristine lake in no time. They discovered uranium here lately, and theres also corn and tobacco. I was talking to a dude thats lived in Africa his whole life, and he says the same thing happened in Zimbabwe. Chinese used up the country for all its natural resources. And they also bring their own people to do the work – Malawi already has granted china 4000 visas. So they setup their own business and underbid all the local business, because china subsidizes them; they put all the local business out of business, and dont hire local help, they bring that as well. And when all the soil is used up, trees gone, mountains mined, lake polluted and overfished, they just leave. People here cant see past tomorrow. And the few smart ones are so freaking greedy they dont give a %$#. This whole continent is funked.