CMS is Content Management Systems. We specialize in Drupal and WordPress CMS.

CMS is useful for any website that needs regular updates. You have the freedom to easily add, delete, and edit the posts/pages at any time. Ease of use and flexibility for the client has made CMS very popular.

You can change the look of your site quickly without having to touch the content. There are tons of free themes to choose from. Or you can yours customized with Open Source Programming – meaning you dont depend on one person that created custom code – anyone can work on your site.


Includes a blog. Most clients like to have the blog feature in place, as it keeps your readers informed of new developments and them coming to your site more often, and its a great tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You dont have to sue the blog function.

Uses plugins. Plugins make a website more usable, accessible, highly customizable, and fun! There are many plugins (and continuously growing in number) and they are free to use.

CMS adheres to W3C standards for XHTML and CSS. Your website will appear and work correctly when viewed using different standard-compliant browsers and platforms (MAC, Windows, Linux, etc)

Standard RSS and Atom configurations for feed readers or Aggregators. Websites automatically read your website and can display its text and images (Private sites as well as social networking sites such as myspace and facebook), and vice-versa.

CMS has a built-in trackback or pingback feature. Trackbacks or pingbacks let another website know that you have an entry that references that particular website, and vice-versa (It also notifies you when another website used your site as reference-link).

Spam is No Problem – Fighting spam is not an issue as preinstalled filters block spam in the background.

Automatic Backups – Daily backups of your site, just in case the server had a hardware failure.

For some samples, visit website portfolio. For more features, visit web hosting.