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Your online shop is packed with tons of useful features to automate your entire business. From building & managing your website, to processing orders, to marketing, you'll find this to be your INTEGRATED solution. The shop is ready-to-use right from the start. You can accept orders almost immediately, and customize your site continually thereafter, whenever you like. Take a look at some of the amazing features below.

 switching over
  NO CONTRACT - Month to month arrangement. Cancel anytime.
Yahoo Store Import - Switch from Yahoo Store easily with product import.
  Advanced data import / export capabilities. - Ability to import any spreadsheet or database, including all of your products, customers, etc.
  QuickBooks Compatible

 shipping features
Batch Order Printing - print packing slips for multiple orders with one click.
  MinOrderWeight and MaxOrderWeight fields - allows you to set shipping price grid based on weight.
  Automatic shipping rate lookup - Live UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL Worldwide. Accurate rates given to customers
  Package tracking - Live UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL Worldwide tracking so that your customer can track their packages at YOUR website.
  Unlimited shipping calculation types - Free, Local Pickup, By Order Price, By Region, By Live Rate Lookup, or your own method.
  Additional shipping weight (Shipping & Handling) - can be automatically added to each live shipping calculation. Plus you can adjust live rates by a percentage markup.
  Digital download for software product sales - Automated product activation key distribution system for selling & distributing unique keys for every order. For example for phone cards, software activation numbers, etc.
  Automatic shipping confirmation by e-mail - Customer receives e-mail when product is shipped.
  Multiple warehouse support - efficiently calculate shipping rates to account for split-shipments due to the fact that you only stock specific products at certain warehouses.
  Quick "Estimated Shipping" calculation - Customer's can quickly calculate shipping based on zip codes on shopping cart page, before the customer has to create an account.

 security and reliability
Integrated IP Blocking Security feature - allows you to block IP's or IP Ranges from accessing your website, or lockdown your admin area to block all IP's except your specific IP Addresses.
  SSL Encryption - The highest Internet standard for website security and e-commerce (Supports any brand SSL Certificate). Encryption of sensitive data such as credit cards and passwords
  Secured, password protected administration area
  Multiple Administrators Login - multiple, customizable levels of access. Hide all credit card numbers and financial data from your employees for example. Or hire a temporary employee to do data entry / add products, but lock them out of everything else... it's important to your business to have this control.
  Administration Area Access History - gives you the ability to see who accessed your admin area, when & what pages they visited. You can see if an employee you trust is really doing what they should be doing within the admin area.
  Microsoft SQL Server database - best in reliability, stability, and speed (MS Access Database is also supported)
  Shopping cart features "Crash Protection" - so that if a customer has added items to his/her cart, and is not able to complete his/her purchase, due to any reason, the customer's items will still be in the cart on his/her next visit.
  "Members Only" website capabilities - requires all customers to register, and optionally pay a fee, BEFORE being able to view products and shop. You can also run a members only site and ALLOW the customer to browse the site, look at all the products, but HIDE ALL PRICING until they register to become a member.

 advertising and marketing
Search Engine Optimized (SEO Optimized) - Strategically placed keywords, Meta Tags & text helps you get TOP Rankings for all your products.
  Dynamic Static HTML page creation - STATIC HTML pages with keywords in the URL provide an extra boost in SEO optimization. Plus the ".htm" pages lose NO functionality, and everything remains completely automatic.
  Export feeds to third party shopping marketplaces - including Froogle,, BizRate, Dealtime / Epinions /, Yahoo Shopping, NexTag, PriceGrabber, etc.
  5 Tier Affiliate System - allows you to track all sales and traffic generated by your affiliates. With this powerful system, you can allow people to advertise your business for you, and in turn you can pay them a percentage of all sales generated by them. Supports up to a 5 tier system (5 level system) which encourages affiliates to acquire new affiliates similar to MLM. You set the default payout rates for each level, plus you can change any individual's payout rates.
  Affiliate management system - allows your affiliates to login to their account and view their statistics live and real-time. For example the total clickthroughs that they generated each month, or how much money they've made so far this month, how many people are in each level of their network.
  E-mail marketing/Newsletter marketing - Easily create E-mail marketing campaigns with the built in Mass E-mailing Software, which allows you to send attractive HTML e-mails to your customers. You can use the pre-designed e-mail templates, or you may create new e-mail templates using your favorite HTML editor. Also handles all bounced email. Plus integrated ROI Tracking to see how many people (a) open your email and just look at it, (b) how many people click on a link in the email and (c) how many people actually buy something because of the e-mail solicitation. A complete analytical insight.
  Phone Order System - allow sales reps to quickly take orders from customers when they call in to place an order.
  Coupon System - Generate Coupons which you can use to advertise special discounts (great for print advertising!)
  Gift Certificates - Customers can buy gift certificates from you and use them as payment when they purchase from your store.
  Quantity Discounting - encourages people to buy more! - You can give people a percentage discount, or a specific dollar amount discount for purchasing over a certain quantity.
  Free Shipping - Free shipping on orders over a certain amount. For example: "FREE Shipping on orders over $99!"
  The customer NEVER leaves your website - Everything in this amazing store is built into YOUR website.
  Gift Wrapping - Allow the customer to choose to have the item gift wrapped (you set the rates).
  FREE Gift Note - Allow the customer to type a FREE gift note, which automatically gets printed on the packing slip.

 product management
Web-based Administration Area - allows you to configure every aspect of your e-commerce site.
Unlimited photos per product - Different views, colors, sizes.
Add manufacture logos (i.e. logos of "SONY", "COMPAQ", "INTEL", etc.)
Product Options - Specify size, color etc. in (a) dropdown boxes (b) radio buttons (c) checkboxes (d) text boxes for customer input. (All configurable via the admin area) There is no limit to the number of options you may have, or the number of items in each option list. Optionally display "Update Price" button to re-calculate newly configured price.
Live Stock Status - Customizable to show actual qty in stock or "In Stock","Out of Stock", etc. Includes option to allow or not allow backorders of "Out of Stock" items. Plus SmartMatch™ technology for automated inventory control of multiple Product Option combinations (size + color + material, etc.) If a certain color + size combination runs out of stock, it can automatically disappear from the dropdown choices!
Inventory Management - Keeps track of inventory levels to display appropriate "stock status". Supports standard barcode scanners to quickly receive new inventory by simply scanning the UPC barcodes.
Vendor Management - Allows you to assign vendors to specific products or product categories. Generates Purchase Orders with vendor-specific information, then send purchase orders instantly via e-mail, print, or "e-mail to fax".
Multiple pricing levels - set up to 6 pricing levels for your products, whereas you can assign certain customers a lower pricing level, PERFECT for wholesalers or educational / government discounts for example. PLUS you can give any certain customer an additional percentage discount store-wide if you negotiate a special deal or just want to reward your best customer(s).
Set a minimum or maximum order quantity for your products.
Set a minimum total order price to proceed to checkout.
Optional display of list price and/or sale price.
How to get sale price" feature - allows you to comply with your strict vendor policies that normally restrict you from advertising a price that is "too low" to publicly advertise... our system SOLVES this problem. You can (a) have it not display the sale price until added to the cart, or (b) have it "Email a better price" to the customer automatically upon request.
"Hide" products from customers without removing them from the database.
"New Products" feature - allows all "NEW" products to carry the "NEW" graphic. Optionally specify an "end date" for your products to be taken offline. You can even have it automatically take a product offline when it becomes OUT OF STOCK.
Assign products to multiple categories & sub-categories.
Enable a customer to "Edit Price" - for specific products, such as gift certificates or for collecting donations for charity.
Quantity discounting by percentages or dollar amount.
Specify additional product keywords.
Specify Gift Wrapping price.
Assign accessories related to each product - plus display a "Quick Add" checkbox next to each accessory. Perfect for cross-selling. Plus added ability to display related products on the shopping cart page itself, which intelligently chooses products related to the products currently in the customer's shopping cart!
Product Description can be divided into 4 customized sections - Product Description, Product Features, Technical Specs, Additional Info (all of which can be re-named to whatever you choose).
Bulk data import / export - Allows you to import data from any existing source, plus you can export data anytime with a few clicks, edit the data and import it back in. Completely flexible. The export feature also includes the ability to SAVE EXPORTS for "one-click" customized export queries to CSV, TAB DELIMITED, or MSACCESS format.

 customer tools
Customer can login to their account by providing their email address and password.
Customer can update their billing / shipping addresses, change their password, view gift certificate balance.
Customer can view all orders placed, view order status, and modify orders that have not shipped yet.
Customer can track their packages live without leaving your website.
Customer can manage additional features such as "Reviews" they wrote, or "Affiliate Statistics" if they are an affiliate.

 easy navigation
Optionally choose from a large variety of navigation styles - for quick & easy navigation. Including automatically generated javascript popout menus, rollover menu colors, bulleted lists, dropdown menus... completely customizable.
Customer can browse products by category (each up to 7 sub-categories deep)
Search capability - allows user to search for exactly what they desire.
Related Products - Customer can easily find related products while viewing product details page. A "related products" box, "accessories" box, and "more products in same category" list all help the customer to find what they want.
Unique progress bar - shows where you are in the checkout process at all times during checkout.
Sort Search Results - Customer can choose to sort search results or category listings by: "Most Popular", "Price: Low to High", "Price: High to Low", "Title", "Manufacturer", or "Newest"

 customer convenience
Customer Reviews - allows registered customers to rate and post their review of a specific product NOTE: Built-in filter will not allow users to write offensive language, plus it will e-mail you a notice warning you of this event. As with everything else in your store, you can easily manage customer reviews via the administration area.
Recent History - helps the customer remember which products they recently viewed and might still be interested in purchasing. (very helpful)
Available accessories for product - shows a list of accessories specifically for that product.
E-mail product to a friend - Sends an attractive HTML E-Mail of the product, photo, and price to the user's friend.
Shopping Cart Summary -shown as reference for customer as they continue to browse for more products.
Website remembers the customer and welcomes them by name each time the visit - adding the amazing convenience that return customers NEVER have to type information twice (except for their password)
Gift Wrapping - Allow the customer to choose to have the item gift wrapped (you set the rates). Plus allows the customer to type of a gift message for the package, which is automatically printed on the packing slip.
Wish list - The wish list feature allows the customer to save items to a list in their account that they may wish to purchase later.

 payment collection
Tax Calculation System - now supports tax rates all the way down to the zip code. Plus international tax support including (VAT, GST, HST, PST, for the UK, Canada, and more).
Support for additional international PayPal currencies.
Integrated Currency Conversion - to allow customer's to choose their local currency as they shop.
Integrates with your existing or new merchant account - to process credit cards online, or even accept checks online!
Integrates with over 50 major credit card and electronic check gateways.
Process payments at time of sale OR during order fulfillment. Ability to "Authorize" funds at time of sale, then "capture" while processing the order via the admin area... plus ability to "void" & "credit" via admin area. (feature only available to select gateways)
Supports Recurring Payments: subscriptions, monthly billing, yearly billing, or anything in between (for example every month, every 3 months, etc.). Also supports automated promotional pricing such as "First 3 months $29.95, and $39.95 monthly thereafter".
Accurate tax calculation based on customer's location.
Ability to specify tax-exempt customers or products.
CVV2 (Security Code) support. Optionally require CVV2 number for credit card payments. (For extra Fraud Protection)
Configurable currency symbol. Use any character instead of "$". Thereby displaying currency in your local format of EURO, CAD, AU$, USD, etc.
For security, displays only last four digits of credit card numbers on receipts. (************1234)

 administrative tools
Financials / Report Generator - with complete Drilldown all the way down to each individual order.
Admin Home Page - Customizable Real-Time Executive Dashboard
Complete, easy to use, web-based Control Panel - allows you to fully manage EVERY aspect of your ENTIRE store.
ROI Tracking - Know how well your advertising and marketing campaigns are converting to SALES! Track all clicks to your website from Google Adwords, Overture, or any other advertising banner ads. Also tracks all natural free search listings and inbound links.
View & process orders quickly online. Plus complete control to EDIT all aspects of an order after it's been placed if necessary.
Ability to print packing-slips, receipts, and invoices.
Automatic shipping confirmation e-mail sent to customer when they place the order, plus again when the order ships.
Ability to print gift note (optionally provided by the customer during checkout) on the packing slip.
Integrated Point of Sale (POS) System - allows you to use your online shop at the checkout counter as a cash register. Includes support for scanning your products with a barcode scanner, swiping credit cards with a credit card swipe, and even printing receipts with a receipt printer.
Inventory management - allows you to quickly receive new inventory with a barcode scanner or manual entry.
Easily see which items and orders are currently in-stock or out-of-stock.
Low Quantity Alarm - View inventory below "low quantity alarm", and quickly approve an automated re-order, quantity & best vendor, then click automatically generate and send all purchase orders to your vendors.
Full Vendor support - includes automatic generation of Purchase Orders, plus ability to send the POs instantly online by e-mail or even to a fax machine... provides for completely automated drop shipping.
Generate reports and statistics to easily see "Top Customers", "Top Selling Products", "Most Visited Categories", "Most Visited Products", "Top Affiliates", "Total Monthly Sales", and more, for any given time period.
Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system - Allows you to track returned items.
Enable or disable any feature(s) of the store. You have total control!
Help Buttons located throughout the control panel to help you at any time.
Integrated WYSIWYG editor - makes it easy to manage or add HTML content WITHOUT knowing HTML, you can jazz up your product descriptions or page content with different font sizes, colors, images, audio, video, flash and more!

 completely customizable
Ability to create and use your own custom website design. Integrate you own completely custom HTML to surround the content pages, then just change all the colors / graphics / display options of the content pages to match up with your design... the software is DESIGNED to allow amazing flexibility in design style CUSTOMIZATION!
Ability to customize each of your category pages to display products in many different layouts. Ability to use category graphics, subcategory graphics, and even display products in single rows, a 3x3 grid, large photos, small photos, short & simple list, or anything else!
Complete ASP shopping cart software - all web pages written in ASP/VBScript + HTML... customize your store without limits!

 free lifetime upgrades
The developers are constantly improving the software, adding functionality & features that will further improve your edge in the ecommerce world.
Just a few clicks, on-demand, will upgrade your store to the newest version available. All your existing data is kept in-tact, while giving you access to all the latest & greatest ecommerce tools.
You don't have to pay for upgrades! your store will always have the best and latest technologies and security packages!